Artist: Romie Sabile

About me

I am inspired mostly by what I will discover, not always what I see.  One day I could be looking at a Picasso's and discover his work essence at something I saw or from a place I pass by and I would start a line on paper and discover something for a composition.


I have no particular leaning to any traditional style because I think it brings bounderies to an artist's creative freedom.  However, I basically start with a line on something at any medium and I let it grow or expand itself until I discover where the line or lines will take me.  My line will express itself in any medium or style it may dictate.  I'm fascinated by it, because it is the middle ground between light and darkness, shade and color, life and tragic in any of my composition.  Shapes and colors are dictated by it.  


My work is all about discovery, therefore, always a self learning experience.  My subject or compositional product is never a finish composition.  I want the viewer to realize their perspective in looking at my work to go on discovering.




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